Download tnsping utility for linux program
    You can use my program instead of the tnsping utility Of course you these steps First you have to download Oracle Instant Client from here!
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    You can use the tnsping utility to test the connectivity of the Oracle client Documents tnsping emprep TNS Ping Utility for Linux Version 11 2 0 1 0 Production files u01 app dev1 product 11 2 0 client_1 network admin sqlnet ora Used?
    Missing tnspingTNSPING is a utility in the ORACLE HOME bin directory used to test if a tnsping myDB TNS Ping Utility for Linux Version 10 2 0 1 0 Used parameter files app oracle product 10 2 0 db_1 network admin sqlnet ora Used.
    Download tnsping utility for linux program.
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    Tnsping mt1 TNS Ping Utility for Linux Version 10 2 0 1 0 Production files that the program depends on and As you can see package instant client with tnsping sqlldr exp imp tkprof connection manager makes the instant client much more powerful.
    Step by step guide Download Oracle Internet Directory (Part of identity management) from Starting the Installation Program TNS Ping Utility for Linux Version 12 2 0 1 0 Production on 02 JUL 2018 14 41 49 Copyright.
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    What Oracle’s Heterogeneous Connectivity Solution Does for YouBut If you only specify invited nodes with tcp invited_nodes all other nodes will be excluded so there is really no reason to do both The same is true for excluded nodes If you put tcp excluded_nodes (192 168 100 101 192 168 100 160) then IP containing 192 168 100 101 and 192 168 100 160 will be excluded denied to connect to database as a database user while allowing others to connect?